Video Production 101

Create videos for your online training, classes, courses, & webcasts at Home or In Your Office.

After completion of this course, you’ll be able to create videos for film, social media, YouTube, websites, emails, DVD’s, tradeshows, streaming TV, commercials, event promotions, product promotions, marketing, and advertising.

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This course is designed for teachers, tutors, coaches, and educators who want to teach online and marketers who want to sell online. In this course, you will learn post-production, staging, lighting techniques, Chroma-Key (Green Screen), Sound production, Microphones & techniques, and props.

We’ll start off with Pre-production such as what type of equipment is needed, lighting, backdrops, cameras stands and tripods, types of cameras, microphones, microphone positioning, and more.

Next, we’ll look at staging the scene and and the types of staging you should use for your content. We’ll also discuss how to write a script and how to follow it during shooting.

Last, we’ll cover post-production including video editing, sound production, voice-overs, and more.

So join us and learn everything you need to know to create professional high-quality videos for your projects, students, new hires, or marketing and advertising.

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